Week 1. Conversation

I’ve been thinking about how to fall in love with things through letters or ongoing gaze. And thinking about how to explain that sometimes I can only love people by looking at things.

I feel like gaze used to be more important in science before things became computational. You had to look and carry and gaze hard, and there was less of an emphasis on an equation needing fulfillment. To me, most days, gaze is love.

Text: NV | Illustration: NV | Materials: Ink

I am thinking about science as a love letter with very specific languages – like how every set of lovers creates their own language for their transcendent world they inhabit. So being a scientist is like writing a love letter in daily life. My language has three parts: the Latin naming system of plants, muscle memory of repetitive motion, and numbers that attempt to represent great complexity in two dimensions.

Text: EAF | Illustration: NV | Materials: Ink

Conversation_front 1

How do you be a scientist? In how I live my day-to-day – Huh? I look at things – look at what? Why am I talking to myself? I look with the eyes of a robin. I look with the eyes of an ant. I look with Picasso eyes.

Text: EAF | Illustration: EAF | Materials: Colored pencil


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